OAXRAY, An In-Depth Tutorial: How to use OAXRAY to make thousands laying in bed with nothing but a laptop

What is OAXRAY? Read on for ALL of my tips

OAXRAY is a Google Chrome extension that was created to assist you in finding profitable items at common and uncommon online retailers in order to resell them on Amazon. This is a process known as Online Arbitrage. You can sell Merchant Fulfilled or FBA since the extension supports calculations for both. 

OK, now that's the technical explanation and general overview. But what you really want to know is why I have become such a big advocate of the software and how I've used it in very short time to find some excellent items for resale on Amazon.​ Well, this blog post (and Youtube video) were created to answer both of those questions. So get ready to take notes, we're about to get into this to every last minute detail.

This sounds great, but a little too good to be true.

If the idea of making money from your own home with nothing but an internet connection and a computer sounds too good to be true, read on because not only are you going to find out exactly how possible this is, but I'm going to lay out all of the things you're going to need to know on your journey to making money online with very little risk. All the while you'll be utilizing the huge fulfillment centers Amazon has spent billions of dollars on to pack, ship and fulfill all your orders while you sit at home and collect checks. I should know, I've been doing exactly that for the last 10 months.

There are very few tools I've ever used that have made me significant amounts of money in a short time. This tool made me $2k in profit in mere days with only me using it yet despite this I feel I've only scratched the surface on what I could potentially do with this software. You owe it to yourself to see if it can do the same for you. Just remember, like everything else there is a learning curve. Follow this guide and you will be off to a great start making money with OAXRAY.


What do I need to start using OAXRAY for online arbitrage?

All you truly need is a decent computer that runs Google Chrome, an internet connection and an Amazon Seller account. For the computer, the faster the better. It doesn't need to be super recent or anything, but it should be able to handle having multiple tabs open in Chrome without getting too sluggish. You'll see the reason for this later on, but let's just say that the more tabs we're able to open, the more efficiently we're going to be able to work to find deals.  

So besides having a decent computer or laptop, what else do you need? Well, there are a few helpful add-ons you are going to need. They are all chrome extensions. The good news is 2 out of 3 of these are completely free. There are paid alternatives for some of the things we need to do, but whenever I can give you a free alternative, I'm going to do it.

    • Keepa plug-in. Sourcing without this can be like shooting in the dark. This will give us historic sales information like price fluctuations and sales rank history. A free plug-in.
    • Calculator Widget - This isn't absolutely necessary, but it is extremely helpful. This makes it fast and easy to confirm that your product is actually profitable using the Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator. It is a much faster way than doing it by hand. Time is money, so this is an important extension to have. Thanks to Mike Lamothe for telling me about this useful extension. A free plug-in.
    • OAXRAY - This is the backbone of the entire online arbitrage system I am going to teach you. I was able to get my viewers / readers an extended 10 day trial by using this link.
    • Cash - Once you find some deals that meet our criteria, you're going to want to swoop them up before anyone else gets to them. Make sure you have your Paypal / Credit Card ready. I personally decided to start with $1000, but you can start with whatever you feel comfortable with. Once I really got the hang of things, I ended up breaking my limit because I simply kept finding too many good deals that I didn't want to let slip away from me.

    Sign up for your extended 10 day OAXRAY trial below

    I was able to secure an extended trial for my blog readers and YouTube viewers. Instead of 3 days, you will have a total of 10 days to test the software before having to spend a dime. Simply click the button below. 

    Installing OAXRAY

    Simply sign up for your extended 10 day trial by using this link. Once you have signed up, they will e-mail you instructions on installing the extension and configuring it.

    How do I use OAXRAY?

    Using OAXRAY is extremely simple. Simply open one of the many websites it supports in your browser, find a category you want to research and hit the OAXRAY button at the top right of your browser. For example:​

    1. Go to www.walmart.com​
    2. Go to All Departments > Home Improvement > Power Tools
    3. Finally, click the OAXRAY button at the top right of your browser.

    How do I know what a good sales rank is for 'X' category?​ How can I be sure the items will sell quickly?

    Unfortunately, just because one particular sales rank in one category is good does not mean that it translates to another Amazon category. The reason is that there are a different number of products in each category. A sales rank of 40,000 in Electronics or Books is very different than a 40k sales rank in Video Games.

    There are sales rank charts available on the web that people have created. However, most of these were created long ago and are now inaccurate.

    Thankfully, I have decided to take the time to document both the top 1% and the top 5% sales rank numbers for each Amazon category and put it into a convenient PDF for you to download!

    With this information at your side, you can rest assured you will be able to source ONLY those products that are fast, consistent sellers on Amazon so you can flip your money fast.​

    Get the sales rank guide sent straight to your e-mail.

    Though there have been tools made that will actually charge monthly for this information, I have chosen to put it into a convenient PDF for you to reference at any time. This will be an enormous advantage for you when sourcing products to sell on Amazon FBA. Use it often, until you have it memorized!

    What websites does it support?

    They are always adding new websites to the list, but last I checked there were over 450 online retailers OAXRAY​ currently supports. These guys have been SERIOUSLY working hard. Here is a list of just some of the supported sites below. To see the full list, click here.

    Ace Hardware
    ACME Tools
    Amazon (Work “backwards” on Amazon to find out where to source products; Works on some seller stores; Special tool for Amazon-Amazon flips)
    Barnes and Noble
    Bed, Bath, and Beyond
    Best Buy
    BJ’s Wholesale
    Disney Store
    eBay (Use eBay’s filters as desired first (e.g., New, Buy It Now); Automated matches only work on items with UPC or ISBN in pre-filled item information)
    FAO Schwarz
    Farm and Fleet
    Fisher-Price (fisher-price.com/shop)
    Gander Mountain
    Hasbro Toy Shop
    Home Depot
    Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
    Lego Store (shop.lego.com)
    Lord and Taylor
    LTD Commodities
    Rite Aid
    Sierra Trading Post
    Valore Books
    Vitamin Shoppe
    Walgreens (Must scroll to bottom of page and then scan)

    What makes a good flip?

    Now that you have everything you need, let's get into what makes a good flip. Here are my requirements. If any of these things don't look right, I won't make the buy. There are too many deals out there to waste any thought (or money) on something I'm unsure of.

    Here are the top 4 things I look for

    • ​A return on investment of 35-40% or higher. We all want to make 100% or more return on our money, but the truth is that's just not realistic. You will find 40-60% ROI items very very often. The 100%+ ones you WILL find but you shouldn't expect every other find to be a 200% monster. The goal is to always end up with MORE money than you started with and I've done very well by keeping my ROI at 35% or higher.
    • A great sales rank. To me, a 'great' sales rank is one that is within the top 5% of that items category. You can go higher than this but I don't recommend it until you have some solid experience selling throughout all of Amazons different categories. I outline the figures for what is within the top 5% in my Sales Rank PDF that I made. You can get it by scrolling up a bit and clicking the green 'Download Now' button and entering your email. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step! If you don't pay attention to this, you could end up sourcing products that will take way too long to sell. We want to flip our money fast.
    • A stable price history. This is where the Keepa extension becomes so useful. If an item is selling for $60 and we can source it for $20, that looks like a good flip.. initially. However, if we look further into it and discover that this same item was selling for just $20 for the past 3 months, this item becomes much less appealing. Items will take time to ship to your house (or prep center) and even more time to be shipped to the Amazon fulfillment centers. A lot can happen in that time. You want to be sure that the item you are sourcing has gone for a good money in the past. What an item sold for in the past is the best indicator we have for what it will sell for in the near future.
    • Amazon doesn't sell the item. The only exception to this is on a very low sales rank, fast selling item where Keepa shows that Amazon frequently goes out of stock. Otherwise, if you see all orange in your Keepa history graph, this means Amazon is selling on the listing. This would deter me from making the buy, especially if i was considering buying in volume.

    What an item sold for in the past is the best indicator we have for what it will sell for in the near future.

    Jim Pickins

    How to use OAXRAY 2

    How to use OAXRAY - My personal settings

    Your best bet is to watch the YouTube tutorial I made in full. However, I did take some screenshots to put here for you to look at if you prefer reading instead.

    I have seen many others use OAXRAY to source and they do so by clicking 'Positive ROI'. This is a good start of course because it filters out all non profitable items from your view. The problem is there will still be a lot of worthless junk left on your screen due to high sales rank, zero sales rank, and low margin items because they are still technically positive ROI.

    'Positive ROI' is not so positive. Less than ideal settings.

    Though the 'Positive ROI' button filters out all 'negative' ROI items, you still end up left with a bunch of junk as shown above. You can see there are plenty of sales rank 0 and low margin items. These take up real estate on our screen and distract us from the desirable items that deserve our focus..

    I spoke with one of OAXRAYs creators Tedric Paulk and told him my concerns. I wanted to filter only items that had a sales rank of under 250k and had a ROI of at least 35-40%. Luckily, there is a way to do exactly this, and once you set it up it will completely change your ability to source effectively.

    The 'Rank' and 'ROI' checkboxes

    In order to filter out all the junk, all one must do is simply click both the 'Rank' and 'ROI' checkboxes and then enter a valid value. OAXRAY will filter all items that go ABOVE the number you type into the Rank textbox. Similarly, it will also filter all items that are not AT LEAST the amount you enter into the 'ROI' textbox. Once you have these filled out, all you have to do is click the 'My Buys' button.

    ​After filling out these settings, what you're left with are only desirable products. At least, until you choose to further inspect them. Still, just this simple tip alone can improve your sourcing speed dramatically with OAXRAY. This becomes especially important if you hire VAs since they bill by the hour.

    ​Here is what your screen should look like after filtering down the results by following the steps explained above.

    Far less results, but exactly what we were looking for.

    Wow, down to only 4 items. That sucks, right? No, that just saved you several minutes of precious time. Sometimes you will come up with no results at all! When that happens, time to keep moving and check another (website, category, page.) I never get down when the results turn up blank after I filter down to My Buys, because I know that I just saved a ton of time weeding through garbage. 

    Using these settings has enabled me to source far more efficiently. With that said, here are some do's and don'ts from what I've personally experienced doing Online Arbitrage.​

    Online Arbitrage Tips - Do's

    • Always double check your buys. Make absolutely certain the item you are buying is REALLY the same item on Amazon. OAXRAY does it's best to match up items, but it can make mistakes. For example, you may find a toy that shows a picture of a robot that looks just like the one on Walmart. Even the names are similar. But you scroll down on Amazon to the 2nd picture only to discover THAT specific listing has a robot paired with a docking station that isn't offered on Walmart. Always, always double check before you go deep into buying an item.
    • In this game, other resellers are your competition. Many of these resellers are lazy, especially the ones that do online arbitrage. Lazy people don't like to work, and getting ungated in many Amazon categories can be troublesome. Need I say more?
    • Think 'outside the box.' Open up your sourcing possibilities. Don't just endlessly search for toys like everyone else and you will be more successful. 

    Online Arbitrage Tips - Don'ts

    • Do not ignore the 'Get Notified' features of places like Walmart, Target etc when an item is sold out. They WILL e-mail you when the item comes back in stock, and it very may well still be profitable to flip. It's just one more step you can do that many others will ignore.
    • Do NOT go deep on an item you aren't 100% confident in. There are plenty of deals around. If you are just getting started in OA, don't buy more than 5 of any item. This will give you a chance to get used to different categories and their sales velocities so you can see how long it takes these items to move. 
    • If you've done your homework on an item and it looks like a winner, don't linger! Make the buy. If you wait too long, someone else might swoop it up before you.

    One awesome tip to improve your efficiency tenfold

    Here is something I've come along throughout my OAXRAY experience. Since the extension can only process what can be shown on one page, this means you will frequently have to open multiple tabs. However, on some websites there is a way around this. Be warned, this tip is so awesome it may cause brain implosion.

    First, keep in mind this trick doesn't work on all sites. Only some will allow this to occur. One of these sites is Meijer, just one of 40+ different marketplaces that OAXRAY now supports. Go ahead and go to the link below. It will open in a new tab.


    Now, you are now looking at 30 out of 434 different dog food items. The Meijer website will let us change that number to as much as 90 items per page. Pretty cool, but not cool enough. Time is money, and we want to get this done. So lets make a small change and see if we can expand this list a bit. Click on the altered link below.


    Su​ddenly we are now able to see the entire dog food catalog on one page view. To do this, all you must do is change the number at the end of the URL from '30' to '500' (or whatever you choose.) This -should- force the page to reload and display as many items as you've told it to. 

    What about other websites?

    Other sites may have a different value than simply 'rows'. It may just be an & symbol with the letter r after it, like '&r=20' or whatever else that websites infrastructure decided to call it. When in doubt, select a number of items per page the website supports and look for that number somewhere in the URL. When you find it, that's the number you want to change.

    Remember, many sites know how to prevent this from happening, so it's up to you to figure out which ones out of the 40+ marketplaces lets you do this small 'hack'.

    Surely some people who do online arbitrage will already know of this. However, many others will not. This is just one more thing you can do to increase your efficiency and crush your competition.​

    Let's get into some actual examples

    What would this guide be if I didn't include some real life examples for you to follow? Here I'll go through a few potential flips I found all by using OAXRAY. 

    Potential Deal #1 - Barbie App-Tastic Cash Register

    OAXRAY View
    OAXRAY Coupon

    So we found a Barbie toy here being sold at multiple vendors, but the only one that is cheap enough to buy at a profit is from Jet.com. OAXRAY shows an ROI of about 35%, and a net profit of $9.59, but let's look a little deeper to make sure those numbers are correct.

    OAXRAY Coupon Deal 1

    You will notice something interesting here. Jet is offering you almost 5% off per item you buy. Even though the price is shown as $27.50, with the discount it actually becomes $26.26. These small discounts make a big difference when you buy in bulk, so don't discredit them.

    On the Amazon listing, we can see the price is $50.95, high enough to get a return on our investment. Let's take a look at the Keepa graph, shown on our Amazon window underneath the listing picture. (OAXRAY also displays a Keepa graph when you mouse over the Amazon $ amount which is great for a quick picture, but we want to look a little deeper.)

    Keepa Graph

    The first thing to mention is I am looking at the '3 month' view on Keepa. Here we can see that this item has maintained a good sales rank, spiking at about 150k around Feb. 1st but staying around the 25k-50k area overall. This meets our sales rank criteria. Lets move on

    Next we can see the 'New' price of the item has remained relatively consistent, staying around $40 and going as high as around $55 for the last few months. One thing to remember is Keepa shows the lowest New Marketplace price, even if it happens to be a merchant offer. Therefore, if it shows a price of $40, it could really be $40 plus $9.95 shipping, effectively making the true price $49.95. This is well within our range for having a stable price history.

    Finally, we see no significant orange highlighting in this graph. Amazon is not a seller on the item and has not been in the recent past.​ There is a small mark where it seemed to be in stock for a day in December, but that was it. This meets our final criteria for a 'good buy'. 

    Now, let's move on and run the Amazon FBA revenue calculator to make sure there is really profit in this item for us, and that it's not some 30 pound monster that will kill our margin. Click the Calculator icon in the top right of your browser to bring up the screen below. OAXRAY does grab weight information already for you, but it's always good to double check with the Revenue Calculator for Profit Margin.   

    The Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator

    The FBA Revenue Calculator will tell us how much profit we stand to make on a particular item in Amazons catalog. Though OAXRAY will calculate this for us, sometimes it's always good to double check before you go deep on an item.

    ​The first thing to do is enter an inbound shipping rate. It may be more or less, depending on where it goes but we'll put 50 cents. Next we need to put what we have to pay for the item. So we put '26.26' in the Prep Service field. Finally, hit 'Calculate'.

    We can see that we end up with a profit of $10.72 on this item. This is very close to the $9.59 that OAXRAY told us, so we can trust it. The actual profit ended up being more because Jet.com had a small discount that the extension was unaware of when it did it's calculation.

    If we bought 10 of these, the profit would be $107.20. Since the sales rank is good, we can be assured this item will sell in short order. That's our OAXRAY subscription paid and then some on one item that took only a couple minutes to find. Hopefully you are seeing the power of this extension and what it can do for your business.

    Potential Deal #2 - Nerf Combat Creatures Terra-Drone

    Here we've got a Nerf Combat Creatures Terra-Drone. It has a sales rank of 35k and a selling price of $161.94 FBA. OAXRAY is telling us a few different retailers have this for a price that makes sense. KMART and SEARS have it for $29.99 so let's focus on that.


    We can see that unfortunately KMART is out of stock. Many people would simply stop here, but I take this as a golden opportunity to add this item to my 'Local Deals' spreadsheet. Since I started using OAXRAY, any item I found that was out of stock online I added to a tabbed spreadsheet, separated by retailer. All I then had to do was simply call KMARTs or Targets or Whatever it may be in my local area and have them check for the items that I needed.

    It's best to wait until you have a good sized list for a particular retailer so you can go down the line and make sure your trip is worth the gas. If some items they don't carry, surely others they will. Having a good list just makes it more likely you'll find a good number of profitable items for your trip.​

    Some websites like Target will have an 'in stock' box on their site if you put in your zipcode. It tells you supposedly which stores within your local area have that item. This can be a good starting place, but I always recommend actually calling the store before leaving your house because the information can be dated or outright inaccurate.

    Once more we are looking at the '3 month' timeframe on Keepa. We can see this item has maintained a very good sales rank despite its high price, never exceeding the 75k area. This is very good news and meets our sales rank criteria.

    We can also see that the 'New' price has also remained consistent at around $160 for the last several months. The lowest it went was around $110 in the beginning of December. This is very good and fulfills our stable price criteria.

    Finally, we can see that Amazon is not a seller on this item and has not been a seller in at least the last 3 months. This is also very good news. We don't want to compete with Amazon if we don't have to (and we don't.)​ Now if we wanted, we can now confirm that this item is indeed profitable by using the FBA Revenue Calculator by clicking the calculator icon at the top right of our Chrome window.

    ​First we enter our inbound shipping cost. Again, we aren't sure what it will be so we'll just put $0.50. Next, we enter our fulfillment cost. Enter '$29.99' under 'Prep Service'. Hit 'Calculate'.

    We end up with a net profit of $100.95. If we were able to find 5 of these at local KMARTs in our area, that's $504.75 ​in profit on a single item, 5 times the cost of an OAXRAY subscription. You may not always find deals like these, but when you do it's great and it does happen. 

    Coupons - Raise.com

    If you haven't checked out raise.com, you definitely should. You can get up to 20% off or more at many of OAXRAYs supported retailers. Basically they buy and sell gift cards. So you can buy a $300 gift card to Macys for $250 for example, depending on what they have on offer. 


    Typically, the higher the dollar amount, the more you're able to save. So you will generally be able to save more on a $300 gift card than a $100 one. 

    Combining discounts

    Let's say you've got 20% off on a Macys gift card and another 4% cash back from ebates or fatwallet

    Normally, OAXRAY wouldn't know about this discount so it would be difficult to know what is really profitable or not just by looking at its results. Thankfully, there is a box called 'Discount' for this exact purpose.​


    Normal results, no discount

    Above would be the normal results of a Macys OAXRAY(ed) page. Nothing much to note here. A pretty abysmal ROI, so we don't care much about these items until...

    Add the 24% combined discount. ROI jumps quite a bit

    Simply enter the combined percentage discount you are receiving from using the Raise.com gift card and the Ebates or Fatwallet cash back, which in this example would be 20 + 4 or 24%. Then simply hit 'Positive ROI' or 'My Buys'. We can see the ROI goes up quite a bit here, making these items much more appealing.

    Common sales and what you should enter in OAXRAY

    Different retailers like Toys R Us and others will often run 'Buy 1 get 1' type of sales. Here are some common sales and what you should enter in OAXRAY so that it knows about the discount and gives you accurate information on ROI and Net Profit.

    Buy 1 Get 1 50% off - Put 25 in 'Discount' field. Obviously keep in mind you must buy 2 for the discount.

    Buy 1 Get 1 40% off - Put 20 in 'Discount' field. Obviously keep in mind you must buy 2 for the discount.​

    Buy 1 get 2 free - Put 66 in 'Discount' field​

    Buy 1 get 1 free - ​Put 50 in 'Discount' field

    Buy 2 get 1 free - Put 33 in 'Discount' field. Obviously keep in mind you must buy 2 for the discount.

    Other uses for OAXRAY

    • Retail Arbitrage. Found a good deal that's sold out online? Make a spreadsheet and add it to the list. Once the list grows large enough, start making some calls to your local retailers. Don't just trust the In Stock indicator on the website, actually call the store and ask them to check

      The great thing about doing this is that many times the item you are looking for is being stored in the back of the store. You and everyone else would have never even known about it, which means you can get large quantities of profitable items all for yourself because you took the time to ask! 

      This method I can picture being extremely effective during Quarter 4 when Amazon is constantly going out of stock on hot toys. 
    • Ebay to Amazon Flips. Yes, OAXRAY does support Ebay. You must simply filter your search for new items only. It works on items with UPC or ISBN in pre-filled item information. These are the only types of items you usually will want to flip anyway, since used and pre-owned items can be troublesome. Missing pieces or parts and items that flat out don't work. 

      Ebay to Amazon flips are one of the most profitable things a reseller can do. With a tool as powerful as OAXRAY at your side, you could make a ton of money by doing these types of flips alone and ignoring the other retailers. I've personally found at least 7 items on Ebay that were very profitable on Amazon. They are currently sitting in my current shipment, waiting to go out to the FBA warehouse later tonight!
    • Hiring Virtual Assistants to help source. You can hire VAs on places like Elance.com. The price varies but generally you can hire a VA for as little as $4 an hour. OAXRAY gives you permission for your virtual assistant(s) to use the tool just so long as they are using it in support of a single Amazon account. 

      If you have a spouse or significant other, you could also train them to use the extension while you both surf for deals. This will effectively double your sourcing capabilities.
    • Price Matching. OAXRAY can help you obtain discounted Amazon or other Retailer items on sites such as Wal-Mart or Target that have price match policies. Most other resellers are NOT doing this, so take advantage of it when you can!
    • Need more ideas? Visit the OAXRAY 'Uses' page here and read it over.

    Amazon FBA Prep Centers

    One of the coolest things about Online Arbitrage is that you can send all of your items to a prep center. These are companies who will accept your incoming shipments, label, pack, and ship them to the FBA warehouse for you. The typical rate is around $1 per item prepped & shipped.

    This makes your entire OA process essentially 100% hands off. It is really quite incredible that places like these exist and at such reasonable rates. Plus, since you are only purchasing brand new items, you don't have to worry about missing pieces, documentation or any of the other issues that come with buying used items.

    Things you should remember during your discovery

    Learning to use OAXRAY and the online arbitrage process in general is not something that's going to happen overnight. This is something that is going to take time to get a process down and really figure out . For example, you may not want to deal with certain categories like Shoes due to the high rate of returns on such items. You may only learn this a month or two in, having gotten several returns on shoes and deciding it was not for you. (This isn't necessarily the case for me, it's just an example)

    Some final thoughts

    • Make sure you check out sites like Fat Wallet, Ebates and Mr. Rebates to get an additional bonuses like cash back on your purchases.
    • Go to the OAXRAY facebook page and like it. The guys at OAXRAY are always making new informative posts with information like creative sourcing methods, bug fixes, contests and new retailer additions to the extension. 
    • You may notice Sears and K-Mart being out of stock on many items. Don't worry, it's not your competition taking all the deals. They just have very low online inventory lately and don't seem to re-stock often and for many items they don't re-stock at all. Add deals you find from these retailers to your local deals spreadsheet and check stock with your local stores once you've gotten a large enough list. Then make a couple trips and profit
    • OAXRAY is constantly adding more places to their list of supported retailers. Check their website and / or facebook page often to see what the guys are up to.
    • If you're new to Online Arbitrage, try to set limits. When I started with OAXRAY, I set my limit at $1000 for my first batch. You can set whatever limit is comfortable for you. If you follow the guidelines set in this article, it is very hard to actually ever lose money because you are only buying BRAND NEW items that are in the top 5% of sellers on Amazon. Still, setting limits is a good thing to do to keep you within your comfort zone. 
    • You may think because this is a public extension that there will be no deals left to find due to over saturation. Since this also ran through my mind, I decided to actually just give OAXRAY a try and see for myself. The results? It's simply not the case. I have found that there are still a ton of profitable deals out there just waiting for you to come and find them. With over 360 supported sites, it's just not possible for anyone to get all the deals. I've confirmed this for myself when I made $2k in profit within my first week.

      Also, because of the monthly fee, they have been able to keep the tire kickers out and thus cut down on the number of users significantly. A broke person will say '$99/m, that's expensive, no thank you!'. A businessman will think '$99/m for what this thing is capable of? That's a steal. I could make 10-20x that amount with little effort.' If you turn down a huge money making tool due to a small monthly investment, you will probably never run a successful business.
    • Luckily, I was able to get an extension for twice the length of time they normally give only for my Blog readers and YouTube viewers, so you'll have some time to test it out and see if it's right for you.
    OAXRAY Shipment

    Here's one of my latest shipments going out to Amazon. Some books in there but 90% OA finds using OAXRAY. This shipment should net about $2k profit.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and make some money.

    Sign up for your extended 10 day OAXRAY trial below

    I was able to secure an extended trial for my blog readers and YouTube viewers. Instead of 3 days, you will have a total of 10 days to test the software before having to spend a dime. Simply click the link below. 

    About the Author Jim Pickins

    I'm a 6 figure online reseller with focus on Amazon FBA. I deal mainly in books and used media and also do some Retail and Online Arbitrage. Though I focus on the FBA model, I've done some heavy merchant fulfilling during Q4.

    follow me on:

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    Milko says February 23, 2016

    Great work Jim, thank you for sharing knowledge and ideas .

    I’m about to ship my first FBA order this week . Got 104 books , found a 55 book collection of Stephen King , in mint condition, locally for $40 . I’m so excited .

    Your what man, I have to tell you, I watch all your YouTube videos , and honestly probobly I would not even start FBA if I didn’t get inspired by your work .

    So, thank you for eveything. I really appreciate people like you that share their road to success. It is good karma and I’m sure your will take your business to another level , while helping educating other people on their road to same success.

    Wishin you all the best and. Looking forward following you.


      Jim Pickins says February 24, 2016

      Thanks for commenting. Hope you make a ton of money with Amazon FBA. Hit me up on facebook if you need anything.

    Dave says February 24, 2016

    Hey Jim … what is the chrome addon that displays the FBA competitive sellers, rank and ASIN??

    Great video by the way!

      Jim Pickins says February 24, 2016

      It’s called TWF Buy Box Scope Beta

    Frank Teshima says February 25, 2016

    Hey Jim, great video on oaxray. What an amazing tool! I’ve been researching this business for the last month now and I’ve been watching your videos for the last couple weeks, and I’m really excited. I’ll be sending out my first shipment of books to FBA in a of couple days and I have a few questions I’ll put on facebook for you. Thanks again for all the information and guidance, Frank

    Kameron says March 1, 2016

    Hi Jim
    OK Subscribed to OAXray and downloaded the Extension but am unable to run. Also says Buy List Unavailable with was mentioned until secondary Key is issued.
    Im thinking I downloaded the wrong Extension? (OA XRAY) Is this even possible?
    I entered my emailed Key. Im a Pro Seller and also not sure what they mean by Seller ID, Member ID, and MWS ID? Sorry for the inconvenience Im sure it is an easy fix I just cant for the life of me figure it out.

      Jim Pickins says March 1, 2016

      Hey, they give you instructions on how to obtain the Seller id / member id and MWS. Try emailing OAXRAY support or check your email again there are instructions. You can also contact them on facebook

    Dave says June 27, 2016

    How do we go about factoring in the TAX that we would be paying from retail stores? I have yet to watch a video that includes any tax while sourcing for items.Tax on a $100 item can be range up to $8 or so depending where people live. The tax can really play with profits when not being factored in. Can we put the tax % under the ” per item fee”?

      Jim Pickins says July 8, 2016

      If normally your minimum ROI is 40%, just add a few percentage points to account for tax and change it to 43% or something a bit higher.

        Jim Pickins says July 8, 2016

        However you really should have a sales tax exemption certificate or be claiming that on your taxes at the end of the year to get it back.

    Andrew Wallace says August 24, 2016

    Ever since they added all those new sites to source from I have been doing VERY well with this extension. I don’t want to give exact numbers here, so I’ll just leave it at that 🙂 P.S. This is a really great tutorial for beginners. Keep up the good work

    Andy W says September 5, 2016

    Excellent tutorial – I´m about to get started with this for Online Arb as I´m living in Europe but want to work on Amazon.com

    Benard Gutwa says December 11, 2016

    I need some help

    Could you make a video or just email me a tutorial on how to setup and FBA account.

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