Accelerlist Review – Why I left Inventorylab (Amazon Listing Software)

What is Accelerlist?

Accelerlist is a relatively new Amazon listing software that has been somewhat of a 'well kept secret' until just lately. Listing the manual way through sellercentral is a chore, so almost all third party Amazon sellers are using a listing software. 

Why I left Inventorylab for Accelerlist

There are a lot of reasons for this but to put things into a single sentence, I would say this; it's better in almost every conceivable way while costing $15 less per month than Inventorylab. That's a savings of over $180 per year for a superior product.  I realize that is quite a statement, but that is my honest opinion after being an IL user for over 2 years. To read the reasons I left Inventorylab for Accelerlist in more detail, click here.

To simply try Accelerlist for yourself and get right into the thick of it, I have an extended 21 day trial for my readers only which you can access here.

What makes Accelerlist unique?

The main difference between Accelerlist and other third party listing software is that Accelerlist supports multiple workflows (Batch listing vs 'Precision' listing). That means whether you list your items manually one by one, choosing to price and condition each as you go or whether you prefer doing more of a 'batch' style of mass listings, setting a default value for things like Price, Condition, Buy cost etc, Accelerlist can handle both extremely competently.

Putting Accelerlist to the test

For the past 30 days I have been using Accelerlist extensively to list all types of products, consisting of mainly used Books and media, video games and other miscellaneous items. One of my very first shipments using Accelerlist was something of a monster, consisting of hundreds of items. This is something InventoryLab has been struggling with ever since the addition of their Box Content solution over a year ago.

To start listing with Accelerlist is extremely simple. All you have to do is click the 'New Batch' button on the top left.​

Get a free extended 21 day trial to Accelerlist for my readers only

After thoroughly testing both InventoryLab and Accelerlist, I have found Accelerlist to be a superior tool in almost every aspect. (AND it's $20 cheaper!) Click the button below to start a free EXTENDED 21 day trial for my readers only. If you keep your membership you will be grandfathered into the introductory $34/mo. rate!


You simply select a name for your batch. whether you will be listing Live or Private (I prefer 'Live' 99% of the time), and whether you will label the items yourself or have Amazon do it (I again opt to do this myself as it takes hardly any time at all).

​Setting Listing Presets

Once you've created your batch, you can set some listing presets such as SKU Prefix, Buy Cost, List Price, Quantity and even Condition. This can be very helpful if for instance you pre-sorted your items by condition if they are used. 

accelerlist review

You can even set the Minimum and Maximum allowable price for all of your items by clicking 'Advanced presets'. This is very important when using repricing software and also so that Amazon doesn't flag your listings because they 'think' you made a pricing error when you really didn't.

Precision Mode

In Precision mode, you have individual control over each items condition, listing price and condition note. This is ideal for my method of listing and pricing that I teach in my Bookselling 101 course and of course many other situations. When you have a lot of varying conditions and different prices for items you are listing, and you do NOT use a repricer to 'initial' price, Precision workflow is ideal. It is very similar to Inventorylab's style of listing if you happen to be coming from that software. (The software I used to recommend before using Accelerlist)

Precision workflow involves two simple steps. The first is grading. Simply select a condition and a condition note and hit 'Finish Grading'. Your condition notes can be set in the 'Editor', which can be accessed from the same screen.

The second step is pricing. Again you can see some similarities to Inventorylab on this screen. Here you set your list price and your buy cost among other things, though those are the two you will usually be changing in Precision workflow.

Live Pricing Info

Note: If you like to see the live Amazon listing data before setting a price, you can pull up that screen by hitting the little 'Amazon' logo button below the pricing tables. 

Get a free extended 21 day trial to Accelerlist for my readers only

After thoroughly testing both InventoryLab and Accelerlist, I have found Accelerlist to be a superior tool in almost every aspect. (AND it's $20 cheaper!) Click the button below to start a free EXTENDED 21 day trial for my readers only. If you keep your membership you will be grandfathered into the introductory $34/mo. rate!

Speed Mode (AKA Batch Listing, Bulk Listing)

In speed mode, you set a default condition, condition note and list price. Other options are available as well such as Quantity, Supplier, buy cost and SKU Prefix. 

Once you set your defaults, you simply scan the item with your barcode scanner that you want to list and it will automatically set all of these parameters and list the item. You can for example set the default price to something like $500 and then use a repricer to change all of the prices to something more realistic based on your repricer settings. 

What about accounting features and reports?

Accelerlist has great accounting features, very similar to Inventorylab. For example below is the 'Inventory Health' screen showing some nice graphs regarding sale data and even long term storage info based on your current inventory.

March 2018 Update - Many new features to the accounting side of Accelerlist have been implemented. If accounting features in your listing software is important to you, definitely check out Accelerlist for free for 21 days.

The elephant in the room; Inventorylab VS Accelerlist

Inventorylab has long been the 'standard' of listing software due to its intuitive interface and accounting features. However, there are issues with Inventorylab that even after 12 months have still not been addressed after I brought them up with their support. Here are some of the reasons I made the switch to Accelerlist.

More flexible workflows

As a reseller, its nice to be able to have the option to list in different ways. If I have a lot of books that need to go out quickly and I don't have the time to individually price at the time, Accelerlist gives me the ability to do that. I could then go and reprice later on myself in Seller Central or use a repricer to get me at least 75% of the way there.

Before Accelerlist this was not possible. You were forced to use multiple listing softwares to accomplish this type of flexibility in workflow, and with that comes a high monthly bill.

Get a free extended 21 day trial to Accelerlist for my readers only

After thoroughly testing both InventoryLab and Accelerlist, I have found Accelerlist to be a superior tool in almost every aspect. (AND it's $20 cheaper!) Click the button below to start a free EXTENDED 21 day trial for my readers only. If you keep your membership you will be grandfathered into the $34/mo. rate!

Better Implementation of Box Content Information

When the Box Content Information requirement was announced, it created a lot of unrest in the reselling world. What used to be a simple process had become complicated. Now many changes would need to be made to the old implementation of listing software. 

Inventorylab came out with their own implementation of Box Content Information, and it did work. However there was one really big flaw. Every time you listed an item or a book in Live mode (the preferred method of listing for many people, especially in the used book world), you would have to set the box content for that individual book immediately after. This might sound like a minor inconvenience, but when you are listing hundreds of books, this becomes a huge headache. Even worse, after you set the box for that item, you would have to mouse back to the 'search' box so that the next item you scan would register, otherwise nothing would happen so it actually added two steps that were unnecessary to the end users workflow.

I told Inventorylab about this problem almost 12 months ago and to date they still have not addressed these issues.

Accelerlist Box Content Information

Accelerlist implemented Box Content Information in their own way. In accelerlist, you simply list the item and the software will automatically assign it to the last box you used. This increases efficiency by a very large margin and as we all know time is money.

Accelerlist vs Inventorylab

Box Content Info is Simple in Accelerlist

In Accelerlist, you can easily adjust which box is assigned to each item as you are listing. You can add boxes in 'real time', remove items from one box and add them to a new one all in one screen.


One of the issues I began having in Inventorylab was with large shipments. I would frequently list 300-800 books at a time and the software would start slowing down around the 200-250 mark, eventually becoming unusable once I hit around 400-500 listings. 

​In Accelerlist, I can list hundreds of items with no slowdown. This is huge and something I was extremely impressed with. 

Desire to make improvements

One thing I've been the most impressed with when I made the switch to Accelerlist was the creators willingness to make changes to the software. No matter how good any software is, there are always changes that can be made that can positively effect the end user.  Their developers have been great about implementing changes I thought were important to the end user.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about my experience with Inventorylab support. I cannot say this is definitely the case, but at some point it seemed like Inventorylab became too big for their own good. Problems that were apparent to many of their users would be reported and months would go by without any change. I have recommended some small changes to Accelerlist that were implemented in a matter of days!

Accelerlist is Superior for LTL Shipping

This ties in to the 'Speed' heading previously mentioned in this article. Because the slowdown was so significant after a few hundred items listed in Inventorylab, doing an LTL shipment was essentially impossible for me. You were forced into listing 'box by box' which has become an unnecessary and wasteful 'norm' for many in the used book world, simply because no better option was available. 


Accelerlist is currently only $34/mo. For the functionality that they offer, it's an amazing deal. Inventorylab is currently priced at $49/mo. This is a huge savings, and for a piece of software that I personally deem superior, it is really an amazing deal.


To keep the review completely unbiased here, there is one thing that I believe can be implemented more efficiently in Accelerlist.

Currently Accelerlist uses 2d barcodes to handle the Box Content Information. A decent option, given the end user does not have to keep track of anything manually or put any pieces of paper inside each box. However, I feel that using the Amazon Market Web Services method is a superior option. Using AMWS,  the end user would not have to deal with even 2d barcodes to append to their boxes. Everything would be handled electronically by the software.

However, this is not a deal breaker by any means. This amounts to what is essentially a minor issue. The good news is I have been told that they are currently working on getting this solution implemented (and I believe them.) Once they do, I will of course adjust this review to reflect it and this section will be void of any content (which is quite impressive on its own!)

March 2018 Update - Accelerlist has now implemented using the AMWS API as a selectable option for supplying your Box Content information to Amazon! 


When I first started using Accelerlist, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was tired of the issues I had been having with Inventorylab so I decided to take a chance with a new piece of software. Initially there were some things I thought that could be added so I voiced my concerns and many of these changes were implemented the very same week. 

The more I used it, the more I began to realize there was nothing missing in this software! It could do batch (speed) listing, the typical 'Precision' or 'List as you go' workflow,​ it had great visual reports and graphs on my Inventory Health and COGS, the ease of use and speed of the software itself was second to none, and the price was absurdly low. I could finally say goodbye to Inventorylab for good; there was nothing left I needed!

Introductory Pricing (Limited Time)

I talked to Travis from Accelerlist and asked him if anyone who signs up could be grandfathered in at the $34/mo. rate as long as they kept their subscription active. Remember that the going rate for listing software at the moment is $50/mo. and up, so this was quite an ask. To my suprise, Travis assured me that this WAS indeed the case!

For a limited time, anyone who signs up and keeps their membership active (I doubt you will find a desire to switch once you try it, they have a very high retention rate)​ will be grandfathered into the $34/mo. introductory rate. Even better, if you use the link below, you will get an extended 21 day trial before you are charged a dime. This is really one of the best deals I have seen in a long time and these guys deserve a lot of credit. They are really looking out for the best interests of not just themselves but all of my readers as well. 

You can sign up for your free extended 21 day trial by using the link below. Leave any comments below and be sure to check this one out; I would honestly say you would be doing yourself a disservice not to.​

Get a free extended 21 day trial to Accelerlist for my readers only

After thoroughly testing both InventoryLab and Accelerlist, I have found Accelerlist to be a superior tool in almost every aspect. (AND it's $20 cheaper!) Click the button below to start a free EXTENDED 21 day trial for my readers only. If you keep your membership you will be grandfathered into the introductory $34/mo. rate!

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Scott Weston says October 24, 2017

Thanks, Jim, for the great review. I’m new to Amazon FBA, and I’ve been trying to decide which listing software to go with. I had heard great things about Accelerlist from other places, and I was leaning toward Accelerlist, but I also knew that you recommended InventoryLab for the longes time. Your opinions weigh a lot on some of my decisions in my new FBA business. Now that you recommend Accelerlist, this confirms my decision to go with Accelerlist. Thank you.

Ralph says October 25, 2017

What repricer software do you recommend with accelerist togheter?

    Jim Pickins says March 27, 2018


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