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Accelerlist Review – Has a new king of Amazon Listing software arrived?

What is Accelerlist?

Accelerlist is a relatively new Amazon listing software that has been somewhat of a 'well kept secret' until just lately. Listing the manual way through sellercentral is a chore, so almost all third party Amazon sellers are using a listing software. 

What makes Accelerlist unique?

The main difference between Accelerlist and other third party listing software is that Accelerlist supports multiple workflows (Batch listing vs 'Precision' listing). That means whether you list your items manually one by one, choosing to price and condition each as you go or whether you prefer doing more of a 'batch' style of mass listings, setting a default value for things like Price, Condition, Buy cost etc, Accelerlist can handle both extremely competently.

Putting Accelerlist to the test

For the past 30 days I have been using Accelerlist extensively to list all types of products, consisting of mainly used Books and media, video games and other miscellaneous items. One of my very first shipments using Accelerlist was something of a monster, consisting of hundreds of items. This is something InventoryLab has been struggling with ever since the addition of their Box Content solution over a year ago.

To start listing with Accelerlist is extremely simple. All you have to do is click the 'New Batch' button on the top left.​

Get a free extended 21 day trial to Accelerlist for my readers only

After thoroughly testing both InventoryLab and Accelerlist, I have found Accelerlist to be a superior tool in almost every aspect. (AND it's $20 cheaper!) Click the button below to start a free EXTENDED 21 day trial for my readers only. If you keep your membership you will be grandfathered into the introductory $29/mo. rate!

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